COVID 25 Kapsul Kehidupan & Makhluk Mistik Ft. ETNT

Covid 25 is the first novel written by Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar (MDB), in his brave attempt to explore the realm of fiction and imagination.

The story began with a stunning bird’s eye view of the highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest. For a moment, I felt like I was flying and floating in the Himalayas. I was then brought to many other parts of the globe in the next few chapters, including Senegal, where I saw the panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean – one of the largest oceans in the world. Capturing the breath-taking views of the mountains, the skies and the oceans, MDB brought us to acknowledge that the world is vast, that no matter how high we go, we still belong to the world, that we are just a drop in the ocean. The beauty of this articulation is that it will bring down your ego, without you realising it.

The story is divided into 27 chapters. Chapter 10 is meant to be silent, but it could be the loudest chapter of all. Faruk is the main character, leading 5 other characters. The language used by MDB is simple and easy to understand. Although written in Malay, most of the dialogues were expressed in English. It reflected the current young professionals in Malaysia, with Western educational background and influence. As a story, whether it is profound or ruse, I don’t make any judgement of its usefulness. But I make a big appreciation of what MDB is able to do, which is beyond words. The story comes with some of the most important messages of our time. From the very simple act of preparing the best ‘teh tarik’ for his friends in London, to the most complicated work of building the strongest life capsules for the world in Cyberjaya, Faruk and his friends were challenged and confronted with the questions of – humanity, honesty and trust in the time of crisis.

“… I believe in you, bro. Not just that, but most importantly, I trust you,” Faruk menjelaskan segala-galanya.

Like many of his writings, Covid 25 will appear to be dedicated to the younger generations, whom he always calls as ‘putera dan puteri saya’. The book is thought-provoking towards the end and it will remind many of us of what we take for granted or tend to forget.

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